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​New for 2018, the ChatterLures Tuna Terminator Spreader Bar!  This is the ULTIMATE Splash Bar on the market!  The purpose of the Tuna Terminator Spreader Bar is to create and mimic the exact commotion of bait fish trying to flee the scene from angry and hungry Tuna!  This bar should be run in your first set of clean water.  This bar has also been responsible for numerous Blue Marlin catches, they cannot resist the commotion!

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The Tuna Terminator - $149.99 

  • 36" Titanium Spreader  Bar (.125")
  • (9) 5" Free Spinning Chatter Birds
  • (5) 9" Teaser Squid
  • Hidden #350 Ball Bearing Snap Swivel inside the last squid on mainline for easy interchange of stingers. 
  • 12" Machine Stinger with Owenr Jobu Hook  (can also be removed and used as a teaser)
  • #250 Momoi Smoke Blue mainline
  • #200 Momoi Smoke Blue teaser lines
  • Diamond Chafe Tube at all critical points
  • Diamond Crimps (bench crimped)
  • 42 x 10 Mesh Spreader Bar Bag Included

Available colors: Green, Rainbow, White, Pink, Purple, Zucchini

ChatterLures Tuna Terminator Spreader Bar - $149.99