Accurate APXL Split Tip Piranha Pliers - $139.99

Accurate APXL Split Tip Piranha Pliers are designed to easily cut braided and monofilament line with their replaceable tungsten carbide cutters.

Specs & Features

  • Machined 6061 T6 Aluminum Arms
  • Replaceable tungsten carbide jaws & cutters
  • Easily cuts braided line
  • Cutters are designed to cut braid and mono only
  • Newly redesigned to be lighter and stronger

American Fishing Wire Split Ring Pliers - $17.99 

  • Designed for easy opening of American Fishing Wire Split Rings
  • Makes terminal tackle attachments fast and easy
  • Hardened Steel construction
  • Keeps rings seperated while you secure attachments
  • Spring hinge increases comfort by reducing fatigue


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American Fishing Wire HT-450-5 Heavy Duty Hand Swager - $149.99

American Fishing Wire Tools has invested a great deal of time in terms of design and strength. This tool will make crimping strong wire a snap.

  • Heat treated then chrome plated for increased strength and corrosion resistance
  • For use with aluminum single barrel and copper barrel sleeves
  • Use for crimps with a 0.1mm to 2.2mm outside diameter
  • Spring loaded
  • Articulated jaws
  • Cushioned handle for easier crimping

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