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9" Zucchini 

ChatterLures Squirt Squid Daisy Chains are High Quality trolling lures designed specifically to drive more tuna and other pelagic species to your spread.  These lures  consist of (1) 5" Splash bird + 3 Teaser Squirt Squid Lures with a detachable ball bearing snap swivel hidden inside the last teaser for easy interchange of stingers.  Our Stingers (hook baits) are 1 size bigger then the teasers baits to stick out amongst the bait school.  We highly recommend running our Chatter Squirt Squid Daisy Chains alongside a ChatterLures Spreader Bar, preferably on the long rigger.  Ideal trolling speed is between 4.5 - 7 knots.

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6" Pink

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