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Madd Mantis Cherry Poppers

(From Madd Mantis) The Cherry is a very versatile popper. To work the popper, I suggest to fish it opposite of what you are seeing: - If you have fish on the surface in crazy feeds, you want to work the popper slow with gurgling chugs and long pauses, keeping the bait in the strike zone longer to give the fish time to find your plug. - When there is little surface activity and you are searching for fish or marking fish deep, but not seeing them on the surface, you may want to make loud long splashes to get a fish's attention to come to the bait and investigate. It’s important to be random with your retrieve in each case. Vary the cadence and pause time to help increase your productivity with the popper.

Available in Sizes : 

CHERRY 100 - 3.94 inches / 1.38 oz Size 1 Trebles
CHERRY 135 - 5.31 inches / 2.61 oz Size 2/0 Trebles
CHERRY 170 - 6.70 inches / 3.70 oz Size 4/0 Trebles

Available Colors : Frostbite, Superman, Bunklancer, Toxic Lime, Grape Berry, Oliver Eelz, Raspberry Ice