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Looking for a way to prevent the old "skunk" on the tuna grounds?  Here is the secret weapon that can and will change your luck from going home a ZERO to going home a HERO!  Tuna are instinctively programmed to chase and eat flying fish, when the day isn't going your way trolling bars, chains and meat - SWITCH OUT TO FLYING FISH! These Flying fish are most deadly trolled from your riggers in tight so they dance in and out of the water or while deployed from a kite. ​​​​ This lure is absolutely deadly on Tunas, Marlin and Dorado! Add some of these to your spread today, you can thank us later!

ChatterLures Flying Fish Solo Lures and Daisy Chains

Yummy Flying Fish Daisy Chain​​

  • ​Standard Rigging - $79.99
    • ​#200 Momoi Smoke Blue Mono Mainline
    • ​(3) in-line 4" Teaser Birds dance in/out of the water to mimic flying fish
    • ​VMC 9/0 8709 Southern Tuna Hook

8" Yummy Flying Fish 

  • Unrigged - $17.99
  • ​Standard Rigging - $24.99
    • ​#200 Momoi Smoke Blue Mono
    • ​VMC 9/0 8709 Southern Tuna Hook
Teaser Birds Color