Yummy Flying Fish Daisy Chain​​

  • ​Standard Rigging - $79.99
    • ​#200 Momoi Smoke Blue Mono Mainline
    • ​(3) in-line 4" Teaser Birds dance in/out of the water to mimic flying fish
    • ​VMC 9/0 8709 Southern Tuna Hook

8" Yummy Flying Fish 

  • Unrigged - $17.99
  • ​Standard Rigging - $24.99
    • ​#200 Momoi Smoke Blue Mono
    • ​VMC 9/0 8709 Southern Tuna Hook
Teaser Birds Color

ChatterLures Flying Fish Solo Lures and Daisy Chains

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Looking for a way to prevent the old "skunk" on the tuna grounds?  Here is the secret weapon that can and will change your luck from going home a ZERO to going home a HERO!  Tuna are instinctively programmed to chase and eat flying fish, when the day isn't going your way trolling bars, chains and meat - SWITCH OUT TO FLYING FISH! These Flying fish are most deadly trolled from your riggers in tight so they dance in and out of the water or while deployed from a kite. ​​​​ This lure is absolutely deadly on Tunas, Marlin and Dorado! Add some of these to your spread today, you can thank us later!