The original Blue Label 100% Fluorocarbon - 50 Yard Spool

Incredible impact and abrasion resistance. Fast sinking. Superior tensile and knot strength. The original FC (Blue Lable) Seaguar 100% fluorocarbon leader material allows you to use a smaller test leader than comparable nylons or fluorocarbons for unmatched bait presentations. No wonder it's preferred by anglers the world over.

Available in Sizes - 30LB, 40LB, 50LB, 60LB, 80LB

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The original Blue Label 100% Fluorocarbon - 30M Coil 


Extreme tensile strength. Advanced impact and abrasion resistance. All the way up to 400 lb. test. Seaguar Big Game 100% Fluorocarbon is specifically designed to meet the rigorous demands of high-pressure, big-water fishing. Seaguar Big Game Fluorocarbon delivers.

Available in 30M coils - Sizes 100Lb, 130LB, 150LB, 200LB