Three Buoys Daytime Sword Leader

  • Highest Quality Leader on the Market
  • Each leader is hand crafted by Seth Funt, Captain and owner of Team Three Buoys, one of Palm Beach Florida's Daytime Swordfish pioneers.
  • Handcrafted with over 200 stitches and features the "Rhys Weave" - this section is made for the lead clip which is braided with 3 strands of 50 pound wax line creating a durable connection that will take the abuse of rub friction drop after drop.  
  • Standard leaders are built 135 feet in total length using #150  and #200 Momoi Momoi.  
  • *** #150 is better suited for smaller reels such as the Shimano Beastmaster 9000 ***
  • Price : $49.99

LP Diamond Water Activated Strobe Light

  • Diamond Water Activated Strobe Light - Turns On When in Contact With Water. More Than 250 Hour Battery Life - Can Be Used to Depth of 3,000 Feet! These lights are disposable, batteries are not replaceable.
  • Available in : Blue, Disco (Multi)
  • Price - $13.99 
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Speckled Petrol

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 ChatterLures Daytime Swordfish Skirts

  • Designed and Field Tested by some of the most elite Sword Fishing Captains in the game!
  • These durable skirts are proven to help you get tight, bite after bite!
  • Sold in packs of (2) for $7.99