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Mar Fab Glow Box

​​The Mar Fab glow box was designed by Mar Fab LLC so fisherman could effectively glow their jigs in low light conditions without blinding themselves when operating the vessel. It also allows them to get a full 360 degree charge of their glow lures in a short amount of time. The light does not get hot and the boxes are slotted to ensure that leaders will not be damaged. Below are some highlights and specifications:

  • Slots cut so leaders are not damaged when charging your lures
  • 2000 Lumen LED Light that will not get hot.
  • USB Rechargeable but is also compatible with 4 AA batteries.
  • IP65 waterproof rating Clear internal base to “lift” jigs and allow for charging the full 360 degrees of the lure.
  • Comes with a handle so it can be easily carried like a tackle box.
  • Built with stainless steel hardware, CNC machined and assembled in the USA by Mar Fab; a veteran owned/operated company.

Available in 2 different sizes - Small and Large

  • ​​Small Glow Box
    • Measures 2”H x 7”L x 3 1/4”W
    • Fits most jigs to 300 grams
    • Fits most poppers under 7”
    • Has 2 slots cut to hold jigs (one thick one thin)
  • Measures 2 3/4”H x 9 1/4”L x 5 3/8”W
  • Fits most jigs, skirts, teasers and anything else
  • Has 3 slots cut to hold jigs (one thick, 2 thin)
  • Great for larger pelagic poppers
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ChatterLures Jig Bag - $29.99 

  • ​25 jig slots that fit upto 200g Jigs (Slots can be doubled up for up to 50 Jigs in the bag!)
  • Strong Velcro to keep jigs in place 
  • ​Double Handle Carrying Case
  • Front pouch with zipper for storage of accessories and pliers

  • Utilizing BKK Premium Hooks with Solid Ring
  • Chafe Guard on the assist hook and a VMC Split Ring
  • Our Jigs have been field tested by some of the top captains in the Northeast.
  • Available in 60g($9.99), 80g($10.99), 100g($10.99), 120g($11.99), 150g($12.99) & 200g($14.99) in 6 colors - Pink/Silver/Glow, Silver, Blue/Silver/Pink, Dorado(Glows), Red/Gold and Sandeel

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