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36" Side Tracker with 13" Squid - $209.99

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36" Side Tracker with 9" Soft Head Machine Lures - $199.99

19" Side Tracker with 9" SOFT HEAD Machine Lures - $169.99

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24" Micro Bait Spreader Bar - $99.99 to $109.99

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​​With a mission to drive more tuna to your spread, we at ChatterLures use only the finest in rigging materials.  TITANIUM Spreader Bars,  Momoi Smoke Blue Mono, Momoi Diamond Crimps, Momoi Chafe Tube, American Fishing Wire Ball Bearing Snap Swivels, Mustad and Quick Rig Hooks.  All of our lures have been battle tested by top captains in the Northeast with a focus on catchability and durability and have proven to dominate all Pelagic Species, bite after bite. Proudly handcrafted here in the United States of America!

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20" Side Tracker/Tuna Terminator Combo - $149.99

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Welcome to ChatterLures! Our Spreader Bars, Daisy Chains and Stingers are custom designed to cause extraordinary commotion on the surface which causes all Pelagic Species, specifically Big Eye, Bluefin, Yellowfin and Albacore to "Light Up" while enhancing the opportunity for a bite.  ALL of our Lures are proudly hand crafted here in the United States of America!

Joe Shute Daisy Chain with RonZ Tail - $79.99

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36" Tuna Terminator Spreader Bar - $169.99

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The Crazy Chatter Chain - $69.99

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